Job Description

Location: Norwood Hospital
Posted Date: 1/8/2020


Under supervision of Chief Engineer or lead boiler operator, fire boilers and control generation of a continuous supply of steam for heating and power.


Accountable to the Chief Engineer.


  1. 2nd class fireman license required.
  2. Knowledge of heating and power equipment required.
  3. High school graduate or equivalent required.
  4. Training on stationary boiler operations required.
  5. Requires 2-3 years experience on stationary boilers.
  6. Ability to be flexible in work habits.
  7. Ability to read charts and gauges related to boilers.


  1. Involves other departments in project planning and implementation.
  2. Supports others in the department and provides help and assistance when possible.
  3. Regularly attends and participates in team and/or departmental meetings and activities.
  4. Keeps others in the department informed of relevant information.
  5. Regularly offers and requests constructive feedback and coaching.
  6. Establishes and maintains effective working relations.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE (both internal and external)

  1. Welcomes patients/customers/employees in a warm, friendly manner.
  2. Actively listens and constructively responds to questions and concerns in a timely manner.
  3. Ensures that the dignity of the patient/customer/employee is maintained at all times.
  4. Abides by and upholds the hospital’s service excellence standards.
  5. Respects the diversity of the patient/customer/employee population.
  6. Demonstrates safe and effective use of equipment.


  1. Following standard procedure, maintains fire, control and tends high-pressure steam boilers, generating a continuous supply of steam for heating hospital buildings and power machinery and auxiliary.

  1. Regulate pressures by adjustments of controls and valves, observe meters and dials, regulate flow of oil or water for proper control of boilers and auxiliary equipment and make appropriate adjustments to prevent malfunctioning.

  1. Clean and lubricate equipment and perform or assist in the repair of boilers. Maintain orderliness of boiler room areas. Work on preventive maintenance program as required.

  1. Maintain a full and accurate log of all actions while on duty.

  1. Perform all duties in accordance with Chapter 146, established safety practices and regulations.

  1. Tours boiler room to observe operating equipment, meters and gauges to ensure that operation is in accordance with specified instructions. Manipulates valves to control the flow of water and fuel and to increase or decrease steam pressure as required. Adjust equipment controls to correct malfunction when indicated by observation or in response to a signal light. Notifies supervisor when major repairs or assistance is required. Records in a logbook meter, gauge and graph readings and repair work performed.

  1. Using specified chemicals, periodically tests and treats the boiler water.

  1. Performs minor repairs such as replacing worn gaskets, tightening joints and replacing defective meters. Cleans the insides of the boilers by turning valves to admit jets of steam to water columns, boiler tubes and boiler stacks to remove sludge and soot.

  1. Keeps boiler room and its equipment and auxiliaries clean.

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of fire safety, smoking and infection control policies.

  1. Demonstrates safe and effective use of equipment.

  1. Responds appropriately during unexpected events.

  1. Attends annual Safety Fair.

  1. Performs other related duties as assigned.

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