Job Description

Under the general supervision of the Nurse Manager/Director and the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse, the Scheduled Market Pool CNA/Market Float Pool CNA provides a variety of patient care activities and accommodative services for assigned patients. Floats to all inpatient units at designated hospitals.



CNA/NA/PCA/Sitter is responsible for providing patients with activities of daily living, basic nursing care within the scope of practice, assists in maintenance of a safe and clean environment and provides direct supervision per policy and procedure to 1:1 patient assignments.  Maintains an awareness of the condition and needs of the patient needs, provides care appropriate to the condition and age of the patient in the department. 


  1. Implements operation standards, which promote the maintenance of patient rights including, but not limited to:

·         Clarification of patient expectations.

·         Maintenance of confidentiality of patient information.

·         Ethical considerations.

·         Handling of patient complaints.


B.       Provides designated patient care to assigned patients under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse according to physicians’ orders and in conformance with approved patient care standards.


C.       Performs patient care activities within limits of position.


D.       Performs specified patient care activities based on previously acquired nursing skills with consultation and notification of licensed nurse responsible for patient.

·         Monitors vital signs with reporting of significant changes to licensed nurse.

·         Records intake and output with notification of licensed nurse when intake or output is unusually high or low.

·         Assists with distribution and collection of patient nourishments and trays.

·         Assists in feeding patients-does NOT provide any type of enteral feeding.

·         Assists patients with activities of daily living-oral care, bathing, positioning and elimination.


E.        Practices appropriate safety measures in assisting patients with activities of daily living.


F.        Performs skills efficiently according to established standards of care.


G.       Applies principles of infection control in the provision of patient care activities.


H.       Applies principles of growth and development over the life span to identify patient and family requirements relative to age-specific needs.

·         Adapts patient care activities to meet the needs of the pediatric patient and his/her family with a focus on the developmental of the patient and his/her level of understanding.

·         Adapts patient care activities to meet the needs of the adult and elderly patient and his/her family with a focus on special precautions to minimize the potential for patient injury.


I.         Utilizes equipment in the provision of patient care services safely and effectively with adaptation of equipment usage to the patient’s age and general condition, as indicated.


J.         Accurately reports changes in patients’ condition to licensed nurse responsible for patient when indicated.


K.       Provides one to one observation for patients per policy and procedure


        L.     Other duties as assigned



·         Minimum of one year Nursing Assistant experience and proven competency in acute care environment required.

·         High School graduate or equivalent.

·         Current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider certification required.



  • Technical, clerical, critical thinking and interpersonal skills relevant to total patient care/area in order to safely and efficiently care for patients. 
  • Good verbal and written communication skills necessary in order to be clearly and easily understood by patients, families and members of the Health Care team. 
  • Writes/prints legibly in order to document accurately and understandably
  • Demonstrates a pleasant, helpful and caring demeanor in order to be an effective patient advocate.
  • Must be able to read and communicate effectively in English; additional languages helpful.
  • Must have basic computer knowledge


PROFESSIONAL REQUIREMENTS:                                                                                                                                                    

·         Adheres to facility and department dress code; appearance is neat and clean.  Is conscientious in regard to personal hygiene                                                                                                                                                                

·         Completes annual educational requirements: Skills Day, Annual department specific, age specific skills check lists.    

·         Completes I-Heal Assignments on a timely manner 

·         Keeps certifications updated as needed

·         Maintains regulatory requirements.                                                                                                                               

·         Reports to work on time and as scheduled, completes work within designated time.  Maintains acceptable punctuality and attendance within policy guidelines.                                               

·         Participates in required department, facility or job related education per year.                                                   

·         Wears identification while on duty.                                                                                                                           

·         Uses time system consistently and correctly.                                

·         Utilizes down time productively.  Completes work within designated time.                                                            

Attends staff in-service meetings per department guidelines; reads and signs minutes of meetings not attended.       

Application Instructions

To apply directly to Steward Health Care, please click the link below. Another window will open and allow you to apply directly online.

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