Job Description

Location: Norwood Hospital
Posted Date: 1/8/2020


A Nursing Assistant, under the direct supervision and guidance of an assigned Registered Nurse, will assist with the routine nursing care of selected patients utilizing the advanced skills acquired to reach this level of expertise. The emphasis of the Nursing Assistant will be on patient care. The Nursing Assistant may not be assigned or assume full responsibility for the complete care of any patient.


* 18 Years of Age
* High school graduate or equivalent
* Fluency in the English language, including ability to read and write in English
* Certification as a Nursing Assistant Required or nursing students having completed Fundamentals Of Nursing with lab and one clinical medical-surgical rotation encouraged to apply.
* Experience in an inpatient acute care setting preferred
* BLS Certification from the American Heart Association (AHA) required.


The Nursing Assistant is directly accountable to the Registered Nurse with whom he/she is working and the Nurse Manager/designee of the assigned unit.


* Involves other departments in project planning and implementation.
* Is supportive of others and provides help and assistance when possible.
* Regularly attends and participates in team and/or department meetings and work activities.
* Keeps others informed.
* Regularly offers and requests constructive feedback and coaching.
* Establishes and maintains effective working relations.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE (both internal and external)
* Welcomes patients and customers in a warm, friendly manner.
* Actively listens and constructively responds to questions and concerns in a timely manner.
* Ensures the dignity of patient/customer is maintained at all times.
* Abides by and upholds the Hospital Service Excellence Standards.
* Respects the diversity of the patient/customer population (i.e. ages and culture).


Clinical Knowledge and Technical Skills
* Provides basic hygienic skin care for selected patients who do not require complex nursing care.
* Demonstrates the ability to provide appropriate care of incontinent/immobile patients.
* Assist with nutritional support for patients, e.g. feeding, setting up trays, supplemental feeding.
* Effectively mobilizes patients as delegated by R.N.
* Demonstrates awareness of necessary safety requirements when mobilizing patients.
* Uses appropriate patient assistive equipment.
* Answers call lights promptly and reports patient's needs accurately.
* Reports changes in patient's condition to the Registered Nurse.
* Responds to a code according to Nurse Assistant protocol.
* Takes T.P.R. and B.P. Accurately records and reports changes to Charge Nurse.
* Demonstrates knowledge of fire safety, infection control, smoking and visitors policies.
* Participates in Quality Improvement activities as assigned.
* Participates in oxygen equipment maintenance and charging system.
* Follows procedure for handling of valuables
* Accurately performs technical skills as identified by CBO.

Environmental and Safety Needs of the Patient.
* Makes occupied beds correctly.
* Keeps bedside area neat and clean and handles patient's belongings/valuables according to policy.
* Demonstrates safe and effective use of appropriate equipment and reports defects in equipment.
* Keeps signal light attached to beds and within easy reach of patient.
* Applies soft restraints with a nurse initially as ordered and reapplies following procedure for release and reapplication.
* Keeps patient's bed in proper position.
* Assist with maintaining general neatness of unit including storage, utility, laundry bag, kitchen, etc.
* Transports patients safely by wheelchair or stretcher.

Body Mechanics
* Uses proper body mechanics during patient care, transport and cleaning activities.
* Ambulates and supports patients using proper body mechanics.

Work Behaviors
* Demonstrates flexibility in patient assignment, shift assignment and work schedule.
* Complies with assignment to other patient areas according to staffing requirements.
* Reports to and begins work promptly.
* Gives adequate notice of absenteeism or tardiness.
* Asks appropriate questions if an unfamiliar circumstance arises.
* Appearance is professional in accordance with dress code.
* Performs other duties as assigned.
* Able to organize and prioritize work efficiently.
* Demonstrates the ability and motivation to work with an R.N. as a partner.

Interpersonal Relationships
* Relates to all patients in the same manner, i.e., does not discriminate on the basis of medical diagnosis, sex, age, race, ethnic, religious, or educational background, or economic status.
* Demonstrates awareness of patient's rights.
* Respects the patient's privacy and confidentiality.
* Communicates in a supportive and effective manner with staff, patients and families.
* Communicates appropriate information in a clear, concise manner by reporting objectively to covering RN, Charge Nurse or Nurse Manager.
* Maintains effective interpersonal relationships.
* Demonstrates cooperation by offering assistance to others.
* Utilizes appropriate channels of communication within health care systems.

* Documents patient care in an accurate and appropriate manner, e.g.:
* Vital signs, weight
* Intake and output
* Basic nursing care
* Calorie count
* Variance report
* Restraint Flow Sheet

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