Job Description


Performs all aspects of Sleep Lab and Patient preparation for executing all modes of polysomnographic testing for the purpose of assisting with the diagnosis of all sleep disorders.


  • Collects, analyzes, and integrates patient information in order to identify and meet the patient specific needs including, physical/mental limitations, emotional/physiological status, pertinent medical/social history, and to determine final testing parameters/procedures in conjunction with ordering MD, Medical Director, and laboratory protocols.
  • Completes and verifies documentation prior to explaining pre-testing, testing, post-testing and orienting the patient to the procedure and the Center.
  • Prepares and calibrates equipment required for testing: including, but not limited to: current polygraph, oximeter, capnography, continuous positive airway (CPAP) Bi-level airway management equipment and videotaping equipment according to established policies, procedures, and/or protocols to determine proper functioning and makes adjustments as necessary.
  • Applies electrodes and sensors according to accepted published standards of the AASM and other regulatory agencies.
  • Performs appropriate physiologic calibrations to ensure proper signals while making the necessary adjustments for the individual patient
  • Performs routine positive airway (PAP) mask fittings
  • Follows all procedural protocols in administration of sleep studies including, Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT), Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT) parasomnia studies, PAP and oxygen titration to insure collection of appropriate data collection.
  • Follow”lights out” procedures to establish and document baseline values (such as body position, oxyhemoglobin saturation, respiratory and heart rates, etc.
  • Performs polysomnographic data acquisition while monitoring study-tracing quality to ensure signals are artifact-free and able to make adjustments, if necessary.
  • Document routine observations, including sleep stages and clinical event, changes in procedure, and other significant events in order to facilitate scoring and interpretation of polysomnographic results according to Lab protocol.
  • Performs ongoing physiological and psychological assessment of the patient and integrates this new information with the past record, implementing interventions for patient safety and therapeutics, i.e. continuous and bi-level positive airway pressure, oxygen administration, etc.
  • Follow “lights on” procedures to verify integrity of collected data and complete the data collection processes (e.g. repeats the physiological and instrument calibrations and instructs the patient on completing questionnaires, etc.)
  • Applies and adjusts CPAP according to the procedure manual and in a manner that promotes maximum acceptance by the patients.
  • Responds quickly and appropriately to medical services that may arise during sleep studies
  • Perform routine equipment care, cleaning and maintenance and inventory evaluation in a timely, cost-efficient, and patient-oriented manner.
  • Demonstrates and continues to improve effective written and spoken communication skills appropriate to interactions with physicians, patients, visitors, co-workers, and management staff.
  • Demonstrates the ability to follow direction and function as a role model to other members of the Sleep Center Team.
  • Demonstrates appropriate social skills and mentors others in a proper handling of Center circumstances.
  • Responds appropriately to patient’s procedural-related inquiries by providing appropriate and accurate information, intervenes as appropriate with technician or trainee.
  • Executes accurate studies for pediatric, special needs, adult, and geriatric patient populations by applying principles unique to each of the groups.
  • Actively participates in department process improvement program
  • Complies with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and standards regarding safety and injection issues.
  • Acts as technical advisor to other technologists, either registered or non-registered for the purposes of conducting accurate, technically complete and valid sleep studies.
  • Performs all sleep study modes by operating current polysommnographic equipment for the purpose of recording patient’s stages of sleep (8-10 hours); real time analysis of obstructive sleep apnea to ascertain the severity and then initiate protocol driven treatment with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or bi-level positive airway treatment in accordance with the policy and procedure or protocol manual.
  • Monitors patient’s progress (normally involving monitoring and testing more than one patient at a time, but no more than 2 under usual circumstances), remaining alert for extended apnea episodes, distress and/or signs of respiratory distress/arrest. Alerts physician of problems or initiates Emergency Medical Reasons procedures accurately.
  • Reviews, scores and interprets final tracing by identifying sleep stages as determined by following pre-cet criteria: number of apneas and hyoneas per hour and per sleep stage: number of arousals; and presence and severity of hypoxemia and arrhythmias recognizes certain EEG and EKG abnormalities and artifacts consistently and in a timely manner.
  • Maintains accurate record of sleep studies and results according to ASDC standards, maintaining technologist documentation every ½ hour and in accordance with the Lab policies, procedures and protocol.
  • Maintains standards of educational preparation as set out by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as well as the National Board of Registered Polysomnography Technologists, including but not limited to mentoring other Technologists/technicians, maintaining, 10 CEU’s per registration period, and to educating the public on sleep disorders.
  • Performs other duties as may be required.


  • In cooperative in interactions, treating customers with courtesy, respect and compassion
  • Is patient when responding to questions and answers questions appropriately
  • Responds to requests in a timely manner
  • Handles interruptions in a skillful way
  • Maintains a professional appearance and demeanor
  • Strives to prevent/resolve customer concerns to the customer’s satisfaction



Required Qualifications: Board Certification as Registered Polysomnography Technologist by the Board of Registered Pollysomnographic Technologists. OR Registry Eligible status as delineated by one of the following criteria: Successful completion of an accredited educational program leading to an Associate’s Degree with an emphasis in Polysomnography, OR successful completion of a Polysomnography program of no less than one year duration associated with a state licensed and/or nationally accredited educational facility or equivalent experience and documented proficiency at all competencies (A-Step Modules) required of all Polysomnographic Technicians.

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